We are representing a team of professionals, who are involved in management systems development, implementation and assessment (see Consultants).

Main areas of the services:

- quality (products and systems);

- environment;

- occupational health & safety;

- energy efficiency;

- special requirements to the railway (IRIS), oil & gas (API) industries suppliers;

- trainings, consultancy, internal & gap analysis, legal compliance audits.

Why to use our services?

- audit experience in various countries provides for good understanding of certification bodies' and management system standards' requirements, as well of the ways of their application;

- comprehensive exprience for management systems implementation at the different companies provides for good understanding which management tools are more effective, and how they can be used in specific situations;

- trainings are well adapted to the client's specifics, and are delivered in the form of master-classes, which ensures maximum involvement of participants;

- we are result oriented, and we always achieve it.

You are always welcome to become our client