Andrey Olenkov

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Andrey Olenkov is a lead consultant for document management systems implementation, based on risk management and process approach. He is also an expert in legal compliance evaluation in the areas of environment, health and safety, energy management.

In order to maintain its qualification Andrey Olenkov collaborates with the various certification bodies as lead auditor – subcontractor for the ISO 9001, IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard), ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 50001 management system standards.

Various professional experience (fundamental and applied science, engineering) and experience in auditing of the various industrial and service companies helps Andrey in performing of the consultancy projects.

Andrey had graduated from the Physical Faculty of the Novosibirsk State University (Russia). As an auditor, he is a subject for ongoing training and improvement of competence, in the different areas.

Main activities performed

- documented management systems implementation consultancy;

- statistical techniques application;

- international management systems related trainings;

- Excellence Models implementation and application consultancy;

- management systems assessment for conformity;

- product and inspection standards conformity assessment (technical audit);

- energy saving programs development;

- assessment of compliance to the legal requirements in the areas of environment, occupational health & safety, energy performance

Consultancy experience

QMS implementation – 8 companies, including API standards implementation for 3, and AAR standards – 1. Integrated management system implementation – 3 companies. EFQM Excellence Model implementation – 2 companies. Preparation of check-lists and performing legal compliance audit - 3 companies (environment, OH&S, energy efficiency).

Audit experience

More than 200 3rd party audits to ISO 9001 since 2003, to ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 since 2008, to ISO 50001 - since 2013. Had took part in 5 independent assessments of the companies to EFQM Excellence Model (2004-2007). Experience in internal HSE legal compliance audits for large companies (Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan).

Training experience

Had performed more than 50 trainings covering various subjects, from related to EFQM Excellence Model and management system standards (including those IRCA registered), to the use of statistical techniques and implementation of modern safety management system in the AES group companies, and API Q1 specification implementation.